E-ISSN: 2791-7835

Instructions for Editors

The main responsibility of the editorial board of Lokman Hekim Health Sciences is ensuring that the journal publishes high-quality and original researches. Editors should assess the scope and quality of each submitted manuscript and make a recommendation based on the peer review results. 

The entire editorial process of manuscript review is conducted using an online system. When a manuscript is submitted for publication, the manuscript is checked by the journal’s editorial office. The membership of the editorial board is provided on each journal’s website.

The editorial team assigns manuscripts based on an editor’s field of study and current background; however, if an editor finds that the content of a manuscript falls wholly outside their area of expertise, they should decline the assignment. Moreover, if an editor observes even the appearance of a conflict of interest, the editorial team should be informed.

Editors should invite at least two reviewers to assess the manuscript. We encourage editors to invite reviewers of their choosing. There are some main points for choosing reviewers that should be mentioned; reviewers should have significant experience in the relevant field. One other important point is that; reviewers should not work at the same institution as any of the authors, or have an active or recent collaboration with any of the authors.

The editor must have at least two reviewer reports before making a final decision. The Lokman Hekim Health Sciences uses a double-blind approach to peer review: Reviewers do not know the authors’ names and the authors do not know the reviewers’ names. Based on the editor’s assessment and the reviewer suggestions, one of the following decisions will be logged into the system: Accept, Minor revision, Major revision, or Reject.

If an editor becomes aware of any ethics issues related to a manuscript, including plagiarism, authorship disputes, duplicate or redundant submission, or manipulation of data and figures, they should contact the editorial office.